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About NSS

The main objectives of National Service Scheme to inculcating in the youth the understanding of the community in which they work and themselves in relation to their community, identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving, develop a sense of social and civic responsibility, utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems and mobilize community for social awareness.

Keeping in mind the above aims the activities for 2018-19 were planned under the guidance of Program officer Prof. M G Sawant and Coordinators Prof. Vijayalaxmi

NSS Committee Members
SR. NO. Name
01 Prof. M G Sawant
02 Mrs. Prof. Vijayalaxmi
Activities and Achievements

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1. Best Social Service Award In Mumbai

On 4th Feb 2019 Our NSS UNIT has been awarded as a best Social Service of the year 2018-2019 in mumbai by Chinu Jeet Kwatra Founder of KHUSHIYAAN FOUNDATION.

2. Khed Camp

Mr.Sairaj Sheety and Mr.Sandesh Garud was selected for Khed Camp.It was held at Ratnagiri in the year 2017-2018.It was a state level camp.There were 200 volunteers present in Khed Camp from different University & Colleges.

3. Tree Plantation (Devpada)

On 7TH July 2018, 34 volunteers from our NSS Unit planted more than 200 saplings of various fruits in our adopted village Devpada, Neral. NSS Volunteers and college staff also donated saplings to the adopted village.

4. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan was held at our adopted village Devpada, on 7th July 2018, 34 volunteers participated and cleaned the village, school area and roads. They got the remarkable feedback from the villagers.

5. Peace Rally

On 6th Aug 2018 More than 60 volunteers of our NSS Unit participated in the Peace rally organized by NSS Unit of Kelkar College held at Mulund.

6. Cloth Donation (Devpada)

With aim to enable students understand the socio- economic realities of the under privileged and foster social values, Students from our college donated clothes for people across different age group. Therefore, on 4th Nov 2018, Cloth Donation Drive was held at our adopted village Devpada, Neral. Clothes & stationery were donated to the needy people. The efforts of the volunteers were highly appreciated by the people and were well supported by the college staff.

7. SRD Camp

Mr. Hadesh Amin from our NSS unit got selected for State Level Republic Day Parade (SRD) on 26th Jan, 2019.

8. Save Flag & Freedom Walk

Image: Save Flag & Freedom Walk:

9. Avhan Camp 2018

Rishikesh Tripathi from our college was selected for Avhan Camp 2018 and represented Mumbai Suburb along with 29 other selected volunteers. The Camp was held at Aurangabad, from 27t May to 5 June. Disaster Management Training was provided to all the volunteers by the NDRF team and cultural events also took place at this camp.

10. Yoga Day

On 21st june 2018 we celebrate International Yoga Day in College Auditorium. From the session we learned different Yoga Asanas and also participated in International Yoga Camp. It was held at Churchgate. Motive of this rally was to commemorate Hiroshima Day and spread peace among the people. The Peace Rally was organized with a view to join hands with the people of the world.

11. Beach Cleanup

On 12th Aug,2018, NSS Unit of our College cleaned entire Dadar Chowpatty by our 50 volunteers with the help of BMC. The volunteers worked continuously for 4 hours and it was appreciated by the local people.

12. Rakhi Stall

NSS Unit of VPM’s RZ Shah College sold Rakhis made by visually challenged women in college campus. The money from the sold Rakhis was donated to the visually challenged women. The Rakhis were sold from 20th Aug, 2018 to 25th Aug, 2018 in our college campus and got overwhelming response from the college students and staff.

On 27th Jan 2019 Our NSS Unit took out a rally to create awareness about honoring the Tricolour. volunteers appealed the people to pick up the national flags that are thrown by other people on the road & in the dustbins after Independence Day Celebrations & respectfully dispose them off as per the rules laid by the government.

13. Blood Donation Camp

In a joint venture with KEM Hospital & Lions club of Millenium Blood Donation Camp was organized on 4th feb, 2019 at VPM’S R.Z. Shah College, Mulund. It received profuse response from volunteers and donors. We collected195 units of blood from our donors. The event was grand success.

14. Disaster Management Session

Disaster Management Session was held on 1st march,2019 at S.M.SHETTY COLLEGE. Disaster Management Training was provided to all the volunteers by the NDRF team.
Prof. Mangesh Sawant
Programme Officer
National Service Scheme Cell(Unit)

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