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Online applications are invited for the post of Assistant Professor in following Departments

Subjects-Embedded Systems, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Computational Mathematics, Android Application Developement, Adv. Java, Ethical Hacking, Cloud Computing, Information Retrieval, Game Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Graphics, .Net Technologies, IoT, Cyber Forensics, GIS

Account & finance:
Subjects-Cost Accounting, Auditing, Economics, Taxation, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Businesss Mathematics, Business Law, Principles & Practices of Banking, Business Economics, Wealth Management, Research Methodology in Accounting and Finance

Subjects-Managements, Business Mathematics, Industrial Law, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, EVS, Logistics, HR and Marketing, Business Research Methods, Consumer Behaviour, Production & Total Quality Management.

Subjects-Quantitative Methods, Environment and Management of Financial Services, Organisational Behaviour, Risk Management, Mutual Fund Management, Financial Markets, Direct Taxation, Research Methodology, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Financial Services Management, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Actuarial Analysis in Banking & Insurance

B. Com:
Subjects-EVS, FC, Accounts, Commerce, Economics, Maths&Stats, Business Communications, Computer, Business Law

Subjects-All subjects of Advertising and Journalism

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Counselor: Duties and Responsibilities: Listen to Student Concerns, Mediate and Resolve Conflicts, Assist with Career and Academic Development, Develop Counseling Programs, Connect Students with Care Providers etc.

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