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Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication(B.A.M.M.C)


The objective of the course is to provide students with a fi rm grounding in communication skills. Its aims to develop ability for critical thinking and creativity and to give the students an opportunity to combine the theoretical curriculum with practical applications, through detailed research, lucid writing skills, oral presentation skills and the mastery of various mass communications media in our global information age.


A candidate for being eligible for admission to the degree course in B. M. M. shall have passed the H. S. C. Examination of Maharashtra Board of Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent from any stream i.e. Science, Commerce or Arts.

Syllabus: First Year  |  Second Year  |  Third Year
SR. NO. Subject Name Credits
USBMM101 Effective Communication Skills – I 3
USBMM102 Fundamentals of mass communication 3
USBMM103 Introduction to computers 3
USBMM104 Landmark Events in 20th Century History 3
USBMM105 Introduction to Sociology 3
USBMM106 Introduction to economics 3
SR. NO. Subject Name Credits
USBMM201 Effective communication skills-II 3
USBMM202 Introduction to media psychology 3
USBMM203 Political Concepts and the Indian Political System 3
USBMM204 Principles of Management 3
USBMM205 Principles of Marketing: 3
USBMM206 Introduction to Literature 3
SR. NO. Subject Name Credits
USBMM301 Introduction to media Studies 3
USBMM302 Introduction to advance computers 3
USBMM303 Understanding cinema 3
USBMM304 Cultural studies 3
USBMM305 Introduction to creative writing 3
USBMM306 Introduction to Public Relations 3
SR. NO. Subject Name Credits
USBMM401 Introduction to journalism 3
USBMM402 Organizational behavior 3
USBMM403 Radio Television 3
USBMM404 Introduction to Journalism 3
USBMM405 Print production photography 3
USBMM406 Mass media research 3
THIRD YEAR: SEMESTER V ( Subjects for Advertising)
SR. NO. Subject Name Credits
USBMM501 Copy Writing 3
USBMM502 Media Planning & Buying 3
USBMM503 Consumer Behavior 3
USBMM504 Advertising Design (project Paper) 3
USBMM505 Brand Building 3
USBMM506 Advertising in Contemporary Society. 3
THIRD YEAR: SEMESTER VI ( Subjects for Advertising)
SR. NO. Subject Name Credits
USBMM601 Financial Management for Marketing and Advertising 3
USBMM602 Contemporary Issues 3
USBMM603 Agency Management 3
USBMM604 Advertising and Marketing Research 3
USBMM605 Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics (Law) 3
USBMM606 Principles and Practice of Direct Marketing. 3
THIRD YEAR: SEMESTER V ( Subjects for Journalism)
SR. NO. Subject Name Credits
USBMM501 Reporting 3
USBMM502 Editing 3
USBMM503 Journalism and Public Opinion 3
USBMM504 Features and Opinion 3
USBMM505 Indian Regional Journalism 3
USBMM506 Newspaper -Magazine Making (Project Paper) 3
THIRD YEAR: SEMESTER VI ( Subjects for Journalism)
SR. NO. Subject Name Credits
USBMM601 Journalistic Laws & Ethics 3
USBMM602 Internet and Issues in the global media 3
USBMM603 Broadcast Journalism 3
USBMM604 Business And Magazine Journalism Paper III 3
USBMM605 New Media Management 3
USBMM606 Contemporary Issues. 3
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