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Rules to be followed in Computer Labs:

BE RESPECTFUL! Always treat the computer lab equipment AND your teacher and classmates the way that you would want your belongings and yourself to be treated. 

No food or drinks near the computers. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Enter the computer lab quietly and work quietly. There are other groups and individuals who may be using the computer lab. Please be respectful. 

Surf safely! Only visit assigned websites. Some web links can contain viruses or malware. Others may contain inapropriate content. If you are not certain that a website is SAFE, please ask a teacher or other adult.

Clean up your work area before you leave. All cords should be placed on the tables (not hanging off the sides). Headphones should be placed on the CPU/tower or monitor. Chair should be pushed under the tables. All trash, papers, and pencils should be picked up. 

Do not change computer settings or backgrounds. 

Ask permission before you print. 

SAVE all unfinished work to a cloud drive or jump drive. Any work that is saved to the computer will be deleted when the computer is powered off or updated at the end of the day.

If you are the last class of the day, please POWER DOWN all computers and monitors. 

Following behavior will be considered misuse or inappropriate use of computing resources in computer labs 

  1. Intentionally interfering with the normal operation of computer resources at College or trusts or on any network accessible from computer equipment at College or trusts.
  2. Excessive use of computer resources, including ignoring posted workstation time limits, using more than one workstation at a time, playing games on workstations when they are needed for College-related assignments, or similar activities.
  3. Attempting to access without authorization, discover the password, or otherwise circumvent the security of computer systems, accounts or files at College or trusts on any network accessible from computer equipment at College or trusts.
  4. Using computer resources for personal profit-making activities not related to the mission of the College. Using electronic mail or other forms of computer-based communication to impersonate, deceive, or defraud another user, or to send messages which are harassing, abusive, or obscene.
  5. Using or copying computer software or any other copyrighted material (such as music, movies, etc.) in a manner which violates IPC (Indian Penal Code) copyright laws or Software vendor licenses.
  6. Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials is illegal and exposes you to civil and criminal penalties.
  7. Using computer resources to copy and plagiarize the intellectual output (programs, written assignments, etc.) of other persons.
  8. Using computer resources to violate any state, federal, or international laws, or the published policies of other host institutions or networks.
  9. Using computer resources in a manner inconsistent with the "College or trusts Standards of Conduct" as published in the College or trusts Student Handbook.
  10. The HOD/Coordinator/Principal should be contacted for clarification of these guidelines or to report guideline violations.


Rules to be followed in Chemistry Lab:

Students should always wear Apron, protective equipment while in laboratory. Wear shoes that adequately cover the whole foot. Secure long hair and loose clothing.

Students must follow all verbal and written instructions carefully.  If you are unsure of the procedure, ask your teacher for help before proceeding.

Students must perform only those experiments authorized by the teacher. 

Wash hands thoroughly after participating in any laboratory activities. 

Students must not eat, drink, apply cosmetics or chew gum in the laboratory. 

Students are expected to act responsibly in the laboratory and not to engage in practical jokes or unruly behaviour in Lab.  

Handling chemicals and equipments:

1. Students should not touch any equipment or chemicals unless specifically instructed to do so. Be careful when handling hot glassware and apparatus. Hot glassware looks just like cold glassware.

2. Make sure no flammable solvents are in the surrounding area when lighting a flame. Switch off burners when not required and never leave the flamed burners unattended.

3. Students must report any incident (including all spills, injury, cuts, burns, breakages or other releases of hazardous materials) to the teacher immediately, no matter how insignificant it may appear.

4. Students must never remove chemicals, equipment or supplies from the laboratory area.

5. Students must carefully examine all equipment before each use and report any broken or defective equipment to the teacher immediately.

6. Students must never point a test tube or reaction vessel of any type toward another person.


Verbal reprimand from the teacher, with a written record of the violation maintained. The teacher will review the rule with the student. If this is a serious violation which may have caused harm to human health or the environment, the HOD and parent will also be notified. 

In case the offence is repeated the issue will be escalated to Vice Principal and Principal. 


Rules to be followed in Physics Lab:

1. Do not use lab unless the instructor is present.

2.Food and other eatables are not permitted in the lab.

3.Do not activate any circuit or apparatus until the instructor inspects it.

4.Never touch a possibly live circuit. Never switch ON a circuit until it has been approved by your teacher.

5.Never work with electricity near water. Be sure the floor and all work surfaces are dry.

6.Do not touch electrical equipment with wet hands.

7.Never handle equipment, supplies until you have been given specific information on their use and safety considerations.

8.Only use laboratory equipment for the instructional purpose for which they were intended.

9.Do not work with any batteries, electrical devices, or magnets other than those provided by your teacher.

10.Leave your lab station neat, clean and organized at the end of each lab period.

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