Events and Seminars Conducted

   Sr.No.       Event Name / Description       Conducted by       Academic Year/Date        Download Report     
1Athang Report Marathi Vangmay Mandal 2019-20 View/Download
2 Annual Extension Committee Report Extension Committee 2019-20 View/Download
3 Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship and Rural Entrepreneurship Extension Committee 2020-21 View/Download
4 Covid 19 and Home Care Staff Council 2020-21 View/Download
5 Webinar on consumer awareness Student Council 2020-21 View/Download
6 Constitution Day Report Department of Arts 2020-21 View/Download
7 Cyber Crime webinar Report Women Development Cell 2020-21 View/Download
8 All Webinars Reports Individual Activities 2020-21 View/Download
9 IPR Webinar report IQAC 23-01-2021 View/Download
10 The interaction Session with Dr Keshab Nandy STAFF COUNCIL 11-01-2021 View/Download
11 The Interactive session with Dr. Anand Joshi STAFF COUNCIL 23-01-2021 View/Download
12 National Webinar on Artificial Intelligence and Arts IQAC And Cultural Committee 29-01-2021 View/Download
13 Webinar on Topic "I Quit Smoking" Rotract Club 11-01-2021 View/Download
14 Webinar on Topic "Road Safety" Rotract Club 24-01-2021 View/Download
15 Webinar on Topic "Taking the Leap: Advertising in Post Covid World " IQAC- Cultural Commitee 05-02-2021 View/Download
16 Work Shop on "Arts and Crafts" Extension Commitee 13-02-2021 View/Download
17 Webinar on Topic "How to get Career you want" Rotract Club 14-02-2021 View/Download
18 Madhubani Art Workshop- Amoli Studio Cultural Commitee 18-02-2021 View/Download
19 Webinar on Historical Forts in Maharashtra " Athang Vangmay Mandal 23-02-2021 View/Download
20 Webinar on Topic "LEADERSHIP" Rotract Club 02-03-2021 View/Download
21 Webinar on How to Communicate Effectively Rotract Club 09-03-2021 View/Download
22 Annual Report Marathi Wagnmay Mandal 2020-21 View/Download
23 webinar on theater event Cultural Committee in association with the BAMMC department 2020-21 View/Download
24 webinar on Student and Teacher Expectation Management & Institutional Brand Building Staff Coucil 2020-21 View/Download
25 Webinar on ISO IQAC 03-04-2021 View/Download

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