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Events and Seminars Conducted

   Sr.No.       Event Name / Description       Conducted by       Academic Year/Date        Download Report     
1Athang Report Marathi Vangmay Mandal 2019-20 View/Download
2 Annual Extension Committee Report Extension Committee 2019-20 View/Download
3 Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship and Rural Entrepreneurship Extension Committee 2020-21 View/Download
4 Covid 19 and Home Care Staff Council 2020-21 View/Download
5 Webinar on consumer awareness Student Council 2020-21 View/Download
6 Constitution Day Report Department of Arts 2020-21 View/Download
7 Cyber Crime webinar Report Women Development Cell 2020-21 View/Download
8 All Webinars Reports Individual Activities 2020-21 View/Download
9 IPR Webinar report IQAC 23-01-2021 View/Download
10 The interaction Session with Dr Keshab Nandy Staff Council 11-01-2021 View/Download
11 The Interactive session with Dr. Anand Joshi Staff Council 23-01-2021 View/Download
12 National Webinar on Artificial Intelligence and Arts IQAC And Cultural Committee 29-01-2021 View/Download
13 Webinar on Topic "I Quit Smoking" Rotract Club 11-01-2021 View/Download
14 Webinar on Topic "Road Safety" Rotract Club 24-01-2021 View/Download
15 Webinar on Topic "Taking the Leap: Advertising in Post Covid World " IQAC- Cultural Commitee 05-02-2021 View/Download
16 Work Shop on "Arts and Crafts" Extension Commitee 13-02-2021 View/Download
17 Webinar on Topic "How to get Career you want" Rotract Club 14-02-2021 View/Download
18 Madhubani Art Workshop- Amoli Studio Cultural Commitee 18-02-2021 View/Download
19 Webinar on Historical Forts in Maharashtra " Athang Vangmay Mandal 23-02-2021 View/Download
20 Webinar on Topic "LEADERSHIP" Rotract Club 02-03-2021 View/Download
21 Webinar on How to Communicate Effectively Rotract Club 09-03-2021 View/Download
22 Annual Report Marathi Wagnmay Mandal 2020-21 View/Download
23 Webinar on theater event Cultural Committee in association with the BAMMC department 2020-21 View/Download
24 Webinar on Student and Teacher Expectation Management & Institutional Brand Building Staff Coucil 2020-21 View/Download
25 Webinar on ISO Entrepreneurship Cell and IQAC 03-04-2021 View/Download
26 Webinar on Career Opportunities in "NDE" Chemistry Department in collaboration with Project Team 27-03-2021 View/Download
27 Annual Report Nature Club 2020-2021 View/Download
28 Webinar on Health & Nutrition-Feel good, Be good, Look good Entrepreneurship Cell 23/02/2021 View/Download
29 Report on Grand Launch of Bankedge Project Team 12/04/2021 View/Download
30 Annual Report Cultural Committee 2020-21 View/Download
31 Webinar on Chemistry: An interdisciplinary approach Chemistry Department 2020-21 View/Download
32 Webinar on Application of HPTLC and HPLC: An Introduction Chemistry Department 2020-21 View/Download
33 Webinar report on Career Avenues & Opportunities in BSc Chemistry Department 2021-22 View/Download
34 Independence Day Celebrations Cultural Committee 2021-22 View/Download
35 Sanskrit Day Celebrations Cultural Committee 2021-22 View/Download
36 Photography Mela Competition Cultural Committee 2021-22 View/Download
37 Teacher's Day Celebration Cultural Committee 2021-22 View/Download
38 Basic Health Check Up Camp NSS Committee 2021-22 View/Download
39 Webinar on Trading in Shares and Mutual Funds Commerce Dept. & Extension Committee 2021-22 View/Download
40 Character Study Competition Library Committee 2021-22 View/Download
41 Webinar on Kavya Wachan Library and Athang Marathi Wangmay Committee 2021-22 View/Download
42 Webinar on Guidance for competitive and Government Exams Library Committee 2021-22 View/Download
43 PPT Presentation Competition on Galaxy of Fabulous Libraries of the World Library Committee 2021-22 View/Download
44 E-Quiz on Folk Art Report Library Committee 2021-22 View/Download
45 Cyber Sakhi Webinar Report Women Development Committee 2021-22 View/Download
46 Legal Remedies for Crime Against Women Webinar Report Women Development Committee 2021-22 View/Download
47 Soft Skills Workshop Report Women Development Committee 2021-22 View/Download
48 Constitution Day Webinar Report Department of Arts(BA, BAMMC) 2021-22 View/Download
49 E-Quiz on Research Methodology Research Cell 2021-22 View/Download
50 Webinar on Communication Skills and Interview Etiquettes Placement Cell 2021-22 View/Download
51 Webinar on IPR IQAC and Student Council 2021-22 View/Download
52 Seminar on Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Challenges Entrepreneurship Cell 2021-22 View/Download
53 Start-Up Ideas Competition Commerce Dept. in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Cell 2021-22 View/Download
54 Cancer Awareness Webinar NSS Unit in collaboration with CWDC and ICC 2021-22 View/Download
55 Foreign Language Webinar Dept of Science and Arts in collaboration with The Language Hub 2021-22 View/Download
56 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti NSS Unit in collaboration with Athang and Social Science Association 2021-22 View/Download
57 Talk on Indo-US relations in the context of Ukranian Crisis by Dr P M Kamath Student Council and Social Science Association 2021-22 View/Download
58 Workshop for Teachers on Motivation and Leadership by Winners Circle IQAC in collaboration with Commerce Dept 2021-22 View/Download
59 Sports Summer Camp Sports Committee and Alumni Association 2022-23 View/Download
60 Spanish Language Workshop VPMs R Z Shah College in Collaboration with The Language Hub 2022-23 View/Download
61 Mentoring the Mentors IQAC of VPMs R Z Shah College 2022-23 View/Download
62 Guru Purnima Celebrations Student Council 2022-23 View/Download
63 German Language Workshop VPM's R Z Shah College in collaboration with the Language Hub 2022-23 View/Download
64 General Awareness Quiz Library Committee 2022-23 View/Download
65 Session on Indian Banking Structure IQAC 2022-23 View/Download
66 Soft Skills Session Add On Courses & Placement Cell 2022-23 View/Download
67 World's Greatest Entreprenuers Entrepreneurship Cell 2022-23 View/Download
68 FYBSc Chemistry Revised Syllabus Workshop Department of Chemistry 2022-23 View/Download
69 User Awareness Programme on N-List Library Committee 2022-23 View/Download
70 Hindi Diwas Celebration Social Science Association & Cultural Committee 2022-23 View/Download
71 A D Shroff Memorial Elocution Competition Cultural Committee 2022-23 View/Download
72 Navratri Celebration Cultural Committee & Athang 2022-23 View/Download
73 HR Training Initiative - Essence HR Committee 2022-23 View/Download
74 First Aid and Safety Workshop Women development Cell 2022-23 View/Download
75 1st Term Training Program Report Extension Committee 2022-23 View/Download
76 55 TH YOUTH FESTIVAL REPORT Cultural Committee 2022-23 View/Download
77 75th Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Extension Committee 2022-23 View/Download
78 Colourful Navratri days Report Cultural Committee 2022-23 View/Download
79 Diwali Report Cultural Committee 2022-23 View/Download
80 Field co-ordinator report Extension Committee 2022-23 View/Download
81 Photography Competition Report Department of Arts 2022-23 View/Download
82 Plastic drive report Extension Committe 2022-23 View/Download
83 Raksha Bandhan Celebrations Extension Committee 2022-23 View/Download
84 Chalta Bolta Athang Wangmay Mandal 2022-23 View/Download
85 Rocketry Report Department of Arts 2022-23 View/Download
86 Space Sweepers Report Film Society 2022-23 View/Download
87 Tillandsia Report Nature's Club 2022-23 View/Download
88 Yoga Workshop Staff Welfare 2022-23 View/Download
89 Bhondla Celebrations Athang Wangmay Mandal 2022-23 View/Download
90 User Awareness Program on NDLI Library Committee 2022-23 View/Download
91 Guidance for Government Exams Library Committee 2022-23 View/Download
92 Cyber Crime Awareness Session Social Science Association & Talent-100 2022-23 View/Download
93 International Human Rights Day Session Social Science Association & Talent-100 2022-23 View/Download
94 Human Righs & Gender Justice ICC & Student's Grievance Cell 2022-23 View/Download
95 Session on Securitization Process in Banks Talent-100 & Add-On Courses 2022-23 View/Download
96 Fever Pitch 2022-23 Student Council 2022-23 View/Download

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