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Second Year and Third Year Online Admissions 2022-23


Students should complete the following two steps in order to complete their admission on or before 8th June, 2022

Step1: filling up Admission form: View Detailed steps for admission

  1. Open
  2. Login to your account
    Note: "Click Get Username and Password", if you don't know your username and password
  3. After successful login, Go to Online Registration tab, fill the details, click on save and next button
  4. Enter your address details and click on save and next button
  5. Upload your latest photo and signature and click on save and next button
  6. Click on print application fom and download
Note: Application will be confirmed only after the fees have been paid After successful registration, students will receive SMS within 24 hours following registration for fees payment

Step2: Fees Paymnet

  1. Go to Payable fees
  2. Click on Pay Now
  3. Click on Proceed to Payment
  4. Enter Bank Details
  5. Click on Fees Receipt
  6. Click on Print (Details Receipt)

Click here to submit your query (if any)

Admission committee contact -

SRN Contact Name Contact Number Class Contact purpose
1 Gurudatta Tople 9769101691(WhatsApp), +912225631722 SY to TY students Not able to register for next year
2 Nilesh Patil 7666279793 FY to SY students Not able to register for next year
3 Deepa Mulik 9653128227 All Classes Only fees related queries
5 Jagdish Takkelar 9321607151 All Classes Other queries

Steps in Detail:

Click on Get Username and Password

Enter your mobile number/Email and click on send password

After getting password enter Username and Password and click Login.

This is your Dashboard

Go to Online Registration tab

Enter your personal details if missing.

Click on save and next

Enter your address details and click on save and next

Click on print application and download

Go to Payable Fees

Click on Pay now

Click on proceed to payment

Enter Bank Details

Click on Fees Receipt

Click on Print (Detail Receipt)

Go to Payable Fees


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