VPM's R. Z. Shah College of Arts, Science & Commerce
Mithagar Road, Mulund(E), Mumbai - 400081
(Affiliated to University of Mumbai)
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SR.NO.    Photo         Teacher's name    Subjects    
1 Dr. B . S. Ajitkumar Physical Chemistry
2 Mr. Nitin Patil Physics , Electronics, Microprocessor & Micro Controller
3 Mr. Ravi Kumar Talla Analytical and Organic Chemistry
4 Mrs. Gauri Atre Calculus I/ II, Maths, Combinatorics & Graph Theory
5 Mrs. Julie Jenita G Artifical inteligence, Python, Web Programming, IT
6 Dr. (Mrs. ) Bhavini Dand              Physical & Organic Chemistry
7 Ms. Chaitali Kadam Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry,
Applied Component
8 Mrs. Ruchi Rathod Classical Physics,Mathematical Physics, Digital Electronics,
MPMC, Mechanics & Thermodynamics, Optics & Electronics
9 Mrs. Darshana Kubal Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Physical Chemistry,
Applied Component
10 Mrs. Kunjal Khona Digital Electronics, Embeded System, Applied Physics,
Mathematical Physics

SR.NO.    Photo         Teacher's name    Subjects    
1 Mr. Vilas Mahajan        Advanced Web Programming(ASP.NET), Business inteligence,
C Language, Theory of Computation
2 Mrs. Rajeshree Prabhu IOT, Computer Systems & Applications, Network Security,
Security in Computing, Cloud Computing
3 Mrs. Anita Lopez Python , Enterprise Java, Game Programming, IT in BBI
4 Mrs. Anita Chaudhary Artifical inteligence, Python, Web Programming, IT
5 Mr. Yuvraj Wagh Linux Administration, Advanced Computer, Computer system
& Application, Computer Network, Core Java
6 Mrs. Bhagyashree Badiger      Compurter Organisation & Architecture, Computer Graphics,
Computer Networks, IT in BBI, Embdded System, IT in BAF
7 Mrs. Sampurna Sarode Database System, Core Java, Data Structure, IT, Data Structure  
Python, Fundamentals of Algorithm, CPP, IT in Accountancy
8 Mrs. Swara Prabhu Internet of things, Soft. Testing & Quality Assurance, IT in A&F,
CSA Practicals, Mobile Programming Practicals
9 Mrs. Pallavi Wattamwar DBMS, Project Management,Fundamentals of alorithm,
Data Science, free Open source
10 Mrs. Nisha Kothawade FOSS, Operating System, Dot Net Technologies,
Web Services, Ethical Hacking, Core Java
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