VPM's R. Z. Shah College of Arts, Science & Commerce
Mithagar Road, Mulund(E), Mumbai - 400081
(Affiliated to University of Mumbai)
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1. All students are asked to attend laboratory classes with full presentation.
2. Prescribed dress code is to be maintained in respective labs.
3. Records should be brought and instructions should be followed accordingly.
4. A congenial atmosphere should be maintained in the laboratory classes.
Misbehavior with students / Staff will not be entertained in labs and, if any, it will be seriously dealt with.

Information Technology LAB-1
User Responsibilities

Users have responsibilities as members of the College or trusts College electronic community. These responsibilities include:
1. Respecting individuals’ rights to privacy and freedom from intimidation, harassment, and unwarranted annoyance.
2. Respecting copyright and other intellectual property rights. Unauthorized copying of files or passwords belonging to others may constitute plagiarism or theft. Modifying files without authorization (including altering information, introducing viruses or Trojan horses, or damaging files) is unethical, may be illegal, and may lead to sanctions.
3. Maintaining secure passwords.
4. Using resources efficiently.
5. Recognizing the limitation to privacy afforded by electronic services.
6. Learning to use software and information files correctly.
7. Users should maintain and archive backup copies of important work.
8. Abiding by security restrictions on all systems and information to which access is permitted. Users should not attempt to evade, disable, or "crack" passwords or other security provisions; these activities threaten the work of others and are grounds for immediate suspension or termination of privileges and possible further sanctions.

Violations of the Terms of Usage

The following behavior will be considered to be misuse or inappropriate use of computing resources in College:
1. Intentionally interfering with the normal operation of computer resources at College or trusts or on any network accessible from computer equipment at College or trusts.
2. Excessive use of computer resources, including ignoring posted workstation time limits, using more than one workstation at a time, playing games on workstations when they are needed for College-related assignments, or similar activities.
3. Attempting to access without authorization, discover the password, or otherwise circumvent the security of computer systems, accounts or files at College or trusts on any network accessible from computer equipment at College or trusts.
4. Using computer resources for personal profit-making activities not related to the mission of the College. Using electronic mail or other forms of computer-based communication to impersonate, deceive, or defraud another user, or to send messages which are harassing, abusive, or obscene.
5. Using or copying computer software or any other copyrighted material (such as music, movies, etc.) in a manner which violates IPC (Indian Penal Code) copyright laws or Software vendor licenses.
6. Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials is illegal and exposes you to civil and criminal penalties.
7. Using computer resources to copy and plagiarize the intellectual output (programs, written assignments, etc.) of other persons.
8. Using computer resources to violate any state, federal, or international laws, or the published policies of other host institutions or networks.
9. Using computer resources in a manner inconsistent with the "College or trusts Standards of Conduct" as published in the College or trusts Student Handbook.
10. The Office of Information Technology should be contacted for clarification of these guidelines or to report guideline violations.